Top Network Marketing Companies

So you’re looking for the top network marketing companies? Let’s take a look at some of the companies that have been performing well for the past couple years. These are the companies that have shown massive growth and have reaped positive rewards for those that have taken action. Always keep in mind that even though a company may have a good network marketing system in place, it’s still up to you as the marketer to put into action the necessary components to be successful.

Top Network Marketing Companies

Top Network Marketing Companies: Empower Network

This particular network marketing company has been around for less than 3 years, but has exploded with growth due to it’s incredible payout system. If you’ve not heard of Empower Network, then let me give you a quick breakdown of how this marketing company works. We know the internet is flooded with “social media”, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Empower Network has harnessed the power of what powers social media, which is for people to “blog” or “write” about what’s going on worldwide.

With Empower Network you get the opportunity to setup your own blogging website using their high authority domain. All the issues of complicated setup is taken care of, as it’s self hosted by the network marketing company. Your only job is to simply post content on your blog. It can be about anything, whatever is trending worldwide. Now, before you say I have no clue on how to blog or what to talk about, you’ll be happy to know that part of the Empower Network system is to actually “teach you” how to be a success with blogging. You get all the teaching materials you need to be successful and start making money.

As with most network marketing companies you become part of a team, but what separates Empower Network from any other network marketing company is that your team meets at least once a week. These weekly meetings help keep you focused, motivated, and most importantly it’s a teaching session to help propel your new network marketing business to new levels. Your team leader is there to help you every step of the way! They want you to succeed, as if you succeed…they succeed!

What’s great, is that I can be your team leader, as I too am part of the Empower Network, and you can join my team today!

Top Network Marketing Companies

Top Network Marketing Companies : Pampered Chef

This particular opportunity is targeted to the “go getters”. The type of person who loves to be sociable and is willing to roll up their sleeves and have some “shows” to highlight the Pampered Chef product line. It’s a great way to make money, and also a great way to meet new friends. What makes this opportunity so special is that the products are well branded, and are of high quality. It doesn’t take a lot of “selling” to get sales of the product, especially when holiday season comes around.

With Pampered Chef you’ll be an independent consultant for their product line of stone cookware, kitchen gadgets and more. The product line is extensive and you earn a commission from each sale, and by recruiting others to join the system as well, you”ll make even more money. It’s a fantastic way to make money, build your business, while having fun at the same time. All it takes is joining the system, and simply putting a few flyers perhaps in your neighborhood’s notice board of your upcoming cooking show.  Before you become alarmed and say “I don’t know how to cook”, then no worries! Part of the Pampered Chef system is that your team leader can guide you on your very first show, they can show you some simple, easy recipes that you can follow to demonstrate the products.

Top Network Marketing Companies: Herbalife

The herbal supplements industry is booming, and now is the time to take advantage of it! There are many people searching online and visiting supplement stores looking for all natural solutions for common ailments. The Herbalife brand has been one of the most successful network marketing opportunities to date, and it’s still growing. By becoming an independent distributor of Herbalife products you are going with a trusted brand that you can be proud to represent. The wide array of herbal products they are offer is tremendous, and the payouts are excellent.

What’s great about this opportunity is that it’s open to anyone, there are no special skills required, and you are given all the marketing materials and information you need to help you succeed. Of course, being so branded you’ll have the advantage of people “seeking you” for the products, as they can only be acquired through a distributor. If there are very few active distributors in you area, you can become the “go to” person for Herbalife products within your community.

I’m a former Herbalife distributor so I can attest to the fact that it does work, but I’ve now focused my efforts on promoting a network marketing opportunity that I can do 100% online and that’s the Empower Network. These three companies that I outlined in my opinion are the top network marketing companies in 2013! Yes, there are many other network marketing companies, but this is my list of favorites! I’ve joined many network marketing companies, and these three have stood out and I’ve made the most money through them!

Top Network Marketing Companies
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